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, through japan, through china and also russia. but i do think ultimately the economy is faltering internally because of the government is able to buy as you reported and broke the story through reuters a couple weeks ago here they were getting one to $3 billion of gold into iran helping them bolster their cash. but on the other hand, goods they're buying are still not keeping up. they have 30% reduction in oil imports or exports rather. they're really suffering on things bringing inand out of the count. meliss how are they doing that? >> they're doing it through, number one, bringing in bullion from turkey and dubai. that brings in cash they need without having to deal in rials. india, japan and china purchasing 50%. their oil shipped through iranian ships orer flagships that e masking the fact that that oil is going to those countries. turkey has the pass through the sanctions of 180 delays they're still dealing with ir. russia, some defense systems they were using in the defense drills this past week were russian made, th s-200 defense system. >> this situation is not getting an
in russia, same kind of thing. we offered plenty of earthquake aid. after 2002, after 9/11 and iran had a horrible earthquake and accepted american assistance and tensions worsened quite a bit since then. melissa: do you think they offered to put people on a plane because they knew the airports were closed? >> i think they knew we would not say yes. had they said yes they could have grabbed the intelligence community and stuff the intelligence officers in the crowd coming over here any way so we would say no to it. melissa: would there be upside to us. great, come on over. bring money. come help us out, bring whatever you have. is there any upside to the u.s.? do we look good? do we get anything out of isn't. >> iran is playing a global game on acquisition of nuclear weapons and u.s. and europe are trying to very hard to keep severe sanctions in place and put a hurt on the iranian economy. for us it would be a pr loss. for them it will was pr win. they get most of the win say hey we were willing to do this. they just decided not to accept it. melissa: yeah. i mean, speaking of pr, i mea
down with so many representatives of the united nations of russia, so many representatives of international community yet it did not happen. it first of all has to happen inside the iranian leadership. they have to say on these conditions we have to come and negotiate. they have not done so. melissa: in an effort to save their hard currency at the same time, maybe this is evidence the sanctions are working, they banned import of 75 different goods and called them luxury goods. they include toilet paper. what does it tell you?. >> there is always the black market on the side. they will go after these measures. try to implement them. on the other hand iranian will use black market and the regime knows that. the sanctions we're putting are good but unfortunately they're only targeting the civil society. that is why you see demonstrations from time to time. in iran you have the two economies, the country's economy and the regime's economy. we need to tighten sanction on the regime's economy. melissa: what is the we keep hearing now with the left solution of technology here in t
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)